Rules of the Water

Along with the laws of boating from the Michigan DNR and U.S. Coast Guard, there are many unwritten “rules” that make boating a fun and safe experience for all on the water.

Wake Responsibly – Skiing, Surfing and Wake boarding are fun and active water sports the whole family can enjoy. In order to maintain the privilege of these fun activities, boaters need to be cautious of their fellow boaters and residents of the lake. Maintain proper towing distance, follow towing laws, keep music at a tolerable level, and have general respect towards others on the water.

#RecreateResponsibly – During COVID, the outdoors have been found Great again. A national movement has come about to ensure the environment and resources we all share remain available for generations to come. There are many safe ways to enjoy the outdoors, and boating is one of the best (in our humble opinion). Follow some careful tips to #recreateresponsibly, and share your photos on your social media with the hashtag to join the movement. Know Before you Go, Practice Physical Distancing, Plan Ahead, Explore Locally, Leave No Trace and other tips make for responsible participation.

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It’s the LAW! Be sure to know the rules and laws of the water to avoid incident and fines. Boating takes you out into the open, but in order to keep all safe on the water, be educated and have the tools needed on-board. We recommend all boaters obtain a Boaters Safety Certification, it can even save you money on your boat insurance! Visit the Boating Section on the Michigan DNR website for full details.