Aquatic Invasive Species

Boaters Combat Aquatic Invasive Species in Michigan Waters

Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species starts with you. A cooperative effort is necessary by all persons and agencies involved with recreational activities to achieve the best results and protect our aquatic resources and recreational opportunities.

Clean. Drain. Dry.

  • CLEAN boats, trailers and equipment and remove all mud, debris and aquatic plant material from trailers and watercraft before launching or retrieving a watercraft. Use a hose or power washer when available.
  • DRAIN live wells, bilges, ballast tanks, and all water from boats before leaving the access site. Consider disinfecting live wells and bilges with a bleach solution (1/2 cup bleach to 5 gallons of water) when possible. Fish diseases and microscopic life stages of aquatic invasive species can be hiding in seemingly clean water, so draining is an important step.
  • DRY all boats and equipment thoroughly before leaving an access area and prior to relaunching in a new waterbody.
  • DISPOSE of bait in the trash. Do not release bait into the water. Release of bait and minnows can lead to the unintended introduction of diseases and aquatic invasive species.
  • DO NOT TRANSFER FISH to water bodies other than where they were caught. This helps prevent the spread of both aquatic invasive species and fish diseases.

It’s The Law

  • DO NOT launch or transport watercraft or trailers unless they are free of aquatic organisms, including plants.
  • DO NOT transport a watercraft without removing all drain plugs and draining all water from bilges, ballast tanks, and live wells.
  • DO NOT release bait into the water.

Invasive Species to watch for:

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