Famous Folks Who Love Life on the Water

Even though I have already discovered boating, one of my favorite websites to visit is www.DiscoverBoating.com because it is filled with valuable and fun information about boating like this article I share today about celebrity boaters…
Celebrities — they’re just like us. Really! Check out these well-known names who are passionate boaters. Learn how they got started, what drew them to the water, some of their favorite boating hotspots and what’s on their on-the-water playlists you can read more at DiscoverBoating.com.

Josh Norman

Josh Norman is known as one of the best cornerbacks in professional football, but off the field, he likes to relax and enjoy the outdoors. You’ll find him in the off-season on the water, fishing and boating with family and friends. “It’s so peaceful on the water … it really puts me in my happy place. “ — Josh Norman

Jake Owen

Country music star, Jake Owen, enjoys life on tour and on the water. Growing up in Florida and living in Nashville, he’s logged many hours on boats and his music is infused with the feel-good vibe of the boating lifestyle. When not on stage for his national ’Days of Gold’ tour, look for him on the water. “When I’m out wakeboarding, I’m not thinking about where I’ve got to be …” – Jake Owen

Mike Schmidt

Hall of Fame third baseman, Mike Schmidt, knows his way around a boat. He spent 17 years on the field in Philadelphia, but counts more than 35 years enjoying life on the water. These days he considers any day spent on his boat to be a good day. “That’s what boating’s about — taking your time. It’s peaceful. ” – Mike Schmidt

Roy Halladay

Eight-time All-Star pitcher and Cy Young Award winner, Roy Halladay, can be found relaxing on his boat in Florida fishing, cruising and enjoying the boating lifestyle. “Boating lets me spend quality time with my friends and family and helps me relax.” – Roy Halladay

Kevin VanDam

One of the best anglers in professional fishing, Kevin VanDam spends his down time living it up on the water. He says there’s nothing better than boating with his family and he’s been doing just that since he was a kid growing up in Michigan. “It [boating] just changes my state of mind when I’m out there on the water.” – Kevin VanDam

Jason Taylor
A star on and off the football field, Jason Taylor has also logged his fair share of hours on the water. After 15 seasons of pro football and a turn on Dancing with the Stars, he enjoys spending his free time living the boating life with his wife and three children. “I love being able to disconnect from the rest of the world … and just recharge.” – Jason Taylor

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