Careers In Boating

As we are right in the middle of graduation for many seniors both in high school and college, we encourage all who are looking at career opportunities to consider working with the very thing you love most – boats! There’s nothing better than making your passion your profession. Just ask those working in the recreational boating industry!

Michigan’s boating industry is big business in Michigan. Boating has a $7.4 billion economic impact on our state’s economy every year. More than 58,000 people are employed in the boating industry and this number is growing.

As our marine industry continues to expand with seven consecutive years of growth of new boat sales, there is an increasing demand for quality employees. Currently there is a shortage of properly trained and skilled people – especially marine technicians – within our state and across the country.

Marine engine technician training is suitable for all ages and backgrounds — those straight out of high school and those in mid-life looking for a change or an exciting new career. And don’t be scared off by the term engine technician or mechanic. For new boat service and repair, mechanics use computers more than tools. The industry also provides for careers in other areas of the industry such as management, sales, distribution and human resources. These are well paying jobs estimated at $40,000 – $80,000 per year with transferrable skills.

This is a national problem as states around the country are experiencing the same labor shortage. MBIA is working with other states and locally with Macomb Community College to create a Marine Education Program to help create a marine workforce in Michigan. This Marine Education Program can be shared throughout the state with other community colleges. Many have already expressed an interest in offering the program.

Our industry is exciting and fun – who wouldn’t want to work around boats and water? If you are interested, we are taking names of individuals who want to be notified as soon as our Marine Education program is ready to roll – hopefully by September, 2017. Interested individuals should email us at BoatMichigan@mbia.org

Discover more about the jobs that are available in boating by visiting www.mbia.org.