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Boaters stay tuned to Lansing

Recently in Lansing, there was a legislative attempt to take away Daylight Savings Time in Michigan by one of our Michigan Representatives.  I don’t know about you, but I treasure every extra hour of daylight in the summer as it means more time boating, fishing, golfing or whatever it is you chose to do during our already too short summer.  MBIA spoke up on behalf of Michigan’s boating industry to fight to keep this legislation in place and thankfully the bill did not progress.  MBIA also testified recently on another issue in Lansing, another attempt to stop Post Labor Day School start law (PLDS), which requires schools to start after Labor Day.  From our industry’s perspective, once school starts, boats are put away and valuable family time is over.  Our industry would suffer greatly, as would the tourism industry, and many others if schools chose to start in mid-August. Surveys show 65 percent of families want PLDS, and we challenge the claim that this move is about education.  If you feel the same, we encourage you to reach out to your MI Representative and Senators ASAP to let them know you support PLDS and the valuable family time it provides you.  Ask them to oppose Senate Bill 271 which is trying to take PLDS away.  MBIA is also planning a trip to Washington D.C. in May for the American Boating Congress.  There we will fight to keep funding for dredging and infrastructure in Michigan.  We will remind our Congressional leaders that we need Ethanol free fuel for our boats, and we will fight for programs which help preserve our Great Lakes and waterways like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Michigan Sea Grant Program.  Our list is long, but so is our history.  MBIA has been fighting for boaters rights and programs for nearly 60 years. 

As a boater and lakefront property owner, we invite you to learn more about our industry’s legislative agenda and to participate in our legislative efforts.  If you have an interest in keeping updated on issues like this that impact boating, fishing and our waterways, we invite you to sign up for a free e-newsletter that will let you know when and to whom you should call, email, or write.  Boaters are our grassroots army and we already have 47,000 signed up. To sign up, go to and click on “Sign Up for Boat Michigan email updates.”

Happy Boating!

Nicki Polan
Executive Director
Michigan Boating Industries Association

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