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The Two Best Days in a Boater's Life - Saturday and Sunday

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By, Nicki Polan, Executive Director
Michigan Boating Industries Association
One of my favorite sayings is, “The two best days in a boater’s life are Saturday and Sunday.” This is because for those of us who have discovered boating, it is our time to unwind or wind up depending on how we want to use our boat each weekend.  Millions of boaters in Michigan believe this and so does one pretty popular country western singer – Jake Owen.
Jake Owen just became the latest Discover Boating spokesperson and his passion for the sport is spot on.  He is an avid fisherman, wake surfer, and enthusiastic boating ambassador.   You can see Jake’s testimonial on the website where his story and others are featured as “Stories of Discovery.”  These stories truly bring it all together to describe what boating means for many of us.  They outline the “value” of the time spent with family and friends making memories that last a lifetime.
Jake is a perfect ambassador as he wants to share the experience and loves the connection to people that boating offers.  As boaters here in Michigan, we have the same opportunity to connect with fellow boaters and to be boating ambassadors.  Bringing friends on the water to share the joy of boating is the first step to helping them become boaters themselves.  Then lead them to a great website -, which is an excellent resource for those interested in learning about boating.  On this site, you can see real life Stories of Discovery, and find great tools to help you find the perfect boat to start your own story.  Some of these tools include a boat selector tool, boat loan calculator, and boat show finder - but by far my favorite is the “Spousal Conversion Kit.” If you can’t tell by the name, it is a tool to help get your significant other on board with the boat buying decision. 
Another great website for boaters in Michigan is  Here you can find boat demo opportunities, news, event calendars, boat show discounts, and a comprehensive boating product and services search tool, to name a few features.  This site also offers a list of local Michigan Boating Industries Association members, including boat dealers, which will come in handy once someone is ready to buy.  And if you’re interested in seeing Jake Owen on his Discover Boating Days of Gold Tour through Michigan, he has October tour dates that bring him to Battle Creek, Saginaw and Toledo.  Both websites provide a link to this information. 
Funny that I should be sending you to websites when my second favorite saying is, “There is no Wi-Fi on the water, but boating offers a better connection.”  See you on the water!

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