Boating is the perfect on-demand vacation this summer

Summer vacations will look very different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After a stressful and worrisome few months, people all over the world could use a vacation more than ever. However, travel is discouraged, and typically crowded tourist destinations have drastically changed or completely shut down. Boating is the perfect, affordable, on-demand vacation for summer fun and includes fishing, water sports, cruising and much more!

According to Dr. Wallace J. Nicols, research has confirmed what boaters already know – being near, in, or under water while participating in activities like boating, has emotional, behavioral and psychological benefits.

“The positive effects of getting out on the water are incredible,” said MBIA Executive Director Nicki Polan. “Boating is a safe way to spend time with your family during this time to relax, be active, or explore local waterways.”

Nicols’ research also concludes boating triggers a restful, “Blue Mind” state of mind. It provides the means to get outside of daily routines, allowing our brains to reset. Being on a boat promotes physiological and psychological changes spanning health and wellness, awe and wonder, creativity and play, happiness and relaxation.

The vast amount of water resources in Michigan make boating near your home easy. Michigan has 1,200 boating access sites and more coastline than any other state except Alaska.

Boating is also an affordable activity!
When comparing the cost of one annual vacation many people find financing a boat over time can be more affordable. A 7-day trip to Disney World can conservatively cost $7,500 for a family of four. If you add up the cost of a vacation over five years, the total is $37,500. There is a huge range of bowriders, jet boats and deck boats available in this price range with plenty of room for a family, and some guests on-board. Unlike a vacation that is over in a week or two, a boat can be enjoyed all summer long! Using the same figures above, if the boat is used 30 days a year, the cost per day is $250, compared to the Disney vacation that costs a family more than $1,000 per day.  Because of a slower rate of depreciation than automobiles, boats can be financed longer resulting in smaller monthly payments.

There are many resources available on discoverboating.com including a boat loan calculator and a tool to find the perfect boat for your needs. Click here for a Directory of your local MBIA dealer or marina to find out more options and learn more.